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Airport parking has expanded and changed over the years because they are now busier and more populated. They can no longer accommodate all travelers’ cars. Entrepreneurs who have tapped into the industry have parking services that variate from the traditional airport parking. The type of airport parking services available fit into three major categories.

Airport owned parking spaces

They are under the ownership of the airport and have an operations management team that foresees the parking processes. These spaces are within airport grounds and are usually close to the terminal. Ones that are a bit far will have the convenience of shuttle services at the scheduled time The cost depends on the stipulation set by the airport authorities. Small airports tend to have lesser charges than the bigger ones.

Privately owned airport parking

They are under the management of third party companies and private firms. Typically, these spaces are far outside the airport. The parking costs depend on the third party’s designation and the competition within the region. Dayton Parking has an affordable payment system that works well with other parking services such a Groupon airport parking. Privately owned spaces are cheaper than airport lots because they are a bit far from the airport.

Hotel airport parking

These spaces are within five miles of the airport. The cost of parking depends on the grade of the hotel and the competition in the vicinity. Other times, the hotel parking will work in collaboration with a privately-owned parking lot for extra parking space.

Categories of airport parking spaces

The most widespread misconception of airport parking is that it depends on how long they plan to leave the car. While the aspect is a contributing factor, it does not explain the fullness of all sorts of airport parking categories. Airport parking categories variate according to distance from the airport.

Short term

They are convenient because they are closer to the terminals. Short term parking may be expensive, but it suits clients who are picking and dropping passengers.

Long term

They are far from the airport grounds and will have the transportation convenience of shuttles. These spaces are suitable for travelers who wish to leave their cars for days or even more extended periods. Groupon airport parking rates use the same criterion as Dayton parking rates. They depend on the management, distance from the airport, and type of services available.

Terminal parking

These spaces fit travelers who want to leave their cars for hours or through the night. They have different parking structures and a standard limitation on the allowable height of vehicles.

Meet and greet parking

This parking option is part of the long term parking category. Instead of dropping off the car, you can call a driver to pick the car and drop it off at the parking space. They will also bring your vehicle to the terminal when you get back. Dayton Parking has a valet parking option that will free you of the worries of finding a parking lot when you drop off your car at the premises.
groupon airport parking
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