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Park-N-Go Dayton International Airport Parking is secure, faster, safer & easier. A+ and 4.9 star rated. 4-min shuttle. We even carry your bags! AAA/Military discounts.

Economy self park

Economy Self-Park

FAST 4-Minute shuttle runs 4AM – 1AM/Last flight.
FRIENDLY door-to-door service.
We even carry your bags!

Full-Service Valet Economy Self-Park

$9.99 Reserve

$6.99 Reserve
24-Hr Shuttle
Luggage Assistance
Battery Jump & Tire Inflate
Warm-up & Snow Removel
$$ EV Electric Vehicle Charging
$ Wash/Wax/Detail & Oil Changes
Rewards Points Earn Free Services
AAA, Military & Corporate Discounts

What We Offer


Actually 4am until last flight, no matter how late.  We won't leave you stranded!


We help load your bags from car to shuttle, and back!


Low tire?  Dead battery? We have the equipment and skill to get you on your way!

Your Stress-Free Parking Solution at Dayton Ohio Airport

Economy Airport Parking at Park-N-Go is a great value
and is incredibly convenient. If you want even more 
awesome features, check out our Full-Service Valet Parking

If you have a prepaid reservation, just pull up to the gate at the right side of the building. The license plate camera should read your plate and automatically raise the gate. (If not, just scan the barcode from your reservation confirmation).

If you don’t have a reservation, no problem! Just push the “ticket” button, pull a ticket from the machine, and the gate will open. Put the ticket in a safe spot in your vehicle (not on the dash, as the sun will bleach it out). Then drive to the rear of the lot and park in an empty spot. Our shuttle is automatically alerted to your arrival and the driver will arrive at your rear bumper within minutes. Pop your trunk so that we can find you quickly. We’ll load your luggage and take you to the airport.

When you return, just give us a call and the shuttle will pick you up. After returning to our facility, we’ll drive you to your vehicle, load your luggage and you’re ready to check out. Drive to the front of the lot, to the right side of the building, and pull up to the gate. If you have a prepaid reservation, the system should read your plate, apply your prepayment, print a receipt and open the gate automatically within 4 seconds. (If the plate is not recognized, please scan your reservation barcode)

If you pulled a ticket at the front entry, the system will still try to read your plate and display your transaction. If that doesn’t happen automatically, just scan your ticket using the scanner at lower-middle of the machine. For payment, you can use credit or cash.

Cash goes in the lower-left roller slot (nothing higher than a $20).

Ok, this is less likely, but we did have someone park an old Fire Engine on our lot, and we’ve also hosted a couple of school buses.

But if you’d like even more services, you should check out our Full Service Valet Parking!

While you are gone, our Full-Service Valet Parking parks your car close by, and you even earn rewards points you can use toward free parking, oil changes or other services. Speaking of other service, you can opt to have your car washed, detailed or other maintenance (such as oil change) done while you are away. It’s a vacation spa day for your car! In the winter time we have your car warmed up, snow removed and ready to go. In summertime we have the car cooled off and ready for your comfortable return. Our valet customers are also eligible for corporate, AAA and Military discounts.

What If My Flight Is Late?

Our standard hours are 4am to 1am, but we stay until the last flight is in, whenever that might be! If your 11pm flight is delayed until 230am, we’ll be there for you. The airport’s shuttle only runs 430am to midnight, regardless. You can trust that Park-N-Go won’t leave you stranded!

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