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Park-N-Go Dayton International Airport Parking is secure, faster, safer & easier. A+ and 4.9 star rated. 4-min shuttle. We even carry your bags! AAA/Military discounts.

dayton international parking

Many travelers prefer offsite airport parking over onsite parking since it’s cheaper and more flexible. Apart from providing a safe spot for your car, some offsite parking facilities also offer shuttle services for taking visitors and luggage to and from their destination. Furthermore, these centers provide personal assistance to drivers who may not be familiar with the city, such as first-time visitors looking for the location of their flight terminal. Offsite parking-lots usually employ friendly personnel who are willing to go out of their way to help clients in every possible way. At Park-N-Go, our offsite Dayton international parking costs start at only $5.95 per day for the economy package. We also have valet parking services, whereby your car will be safely parked by one of our professional valets. That way, you can have time to get to your flight without wasting time trying to find the perfect parking spot. For our full-service valet package, the rates are only $12 a day with special discounts for military and AAA.

Can You Reserve a Spot for Your Car When Traveling Out of the Country?

It’s possible to book space for your vehicle in advance. Unlike onsite parking, where cars are usually parked on a first-come, first-serve basis, our offsite option allows for reservation. As such, you won’t have to spend long periods driving around the parking lot, hoping to identify a spot that’s within reasonable distance to your flight terminal. Moreover, upon returning from your trip, you can simply call us, and we will pick you up from the airport using our shuttle service then drop you where your car is parked. If you have luggage, you can get assistance from the airport to the offshore parking. That is cheaper than hiring a commercial cab to carry your luggage.

Which Factors Determine How Much You’ll Pay for Offsite Parking?

The packages you choose will determine the amount of money you spend on the parking service. For instance, at Pay-N-Go, we provide a 10% discount offer for clients who make prepaid reservations. That said, we still allow car owners to pay for parking when they return from their trip. However, normal rates apply. Also, our rates for long-term parking are considerably lower compared to short-term parking, and that allows you to save money.

Tips for Securing Your Vehicle in a Parking Lot

While we always ensure our clients’ cars get protection by up to 20 security cameras with drive-through inspections by the police, there are certain steps you can take to make sure your vehicle is even more secure. For instance, check that your vehicle’s alarm system is in good working condition. The alarm system in your car will act as a backup in case of anything.

Convenient and Affordable Parking

Are you wondering where to leave your car when traveling outside Dayton? Park N Go provides fast, safe, and simple offsite airport parking solutions. Our offsite Dayton international parking costs are also affordable. For any queries or to make a reservation, call us today on (937) 890-7275
dayton international parking
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